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GRANOLA MENTA / mint, spirulina and cocoa
  • GRANOLA MENTA / mint, spirulina and cocoa

    Delight yourself with the taste and aroma of the refreshing mint. Feel the crunchiness of the almonds wrapped in the delicate and intense raw cocoa paste, combined with the nutritious spirulina.

    • GRANOLA MENTA / mint, spirulina and cocoa

      How to serve:

      Sprinkle with granola your smoothie bowl, the pancakes or try with ice cream - is the perfect combination!

      Can use as an ingredient in desserts or use your creativity and try other recipes ;)

      Try, enjoy and have a good day, full of colors and energy :)

      We would love to see your favourite combinations :) Share with us using the hashtag #granolasenses


      Gluten-free whole oat flakes*, almonds*, sunflower seeds*, buckwheat*, brown rice jelly*, cold pressed coconut oil*, 100% cocoa mass* 3%, coconut sugar*, spirulina * 2%, coconut milk*, peppermint essential oil* 0.04%.

      *Biological ingredients.Certified by Certiplanet PT-BIO-04.
      Gluten free. May contain tree nuts.
      Store the bag of granola in a dry, cool place, away from light.


      Valor nutricional / nutritional value:100 gEnergia / Energy2050 kJ / 491 kcalProteínas /Protein14.6 gHidratos de Carbono / carbohydrate

      dos quais açúcares /of which sugar

      46.2 g
      6.3 g

      Lípidos / fat

      dos quais / of which:

      saturados / saturated

      monoinsaturados / monounsaturated

      poliinsaturados / polyunsaturated

      25.6 g

      6.8 g
      8.6 g
      9.9 g

      Fibra / fibre8.7 gSal /salt0.08 g

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