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CERELLIN Chocolate Great Taste 2022 winner

Updated: May 11, 2023

The CERELLIN range was born in 2021 from an idea to create an innovative product, which could be versatile, to the point that it can be used both as a breakfast cereal; as a crunchy cookie, that glutinous snack that you feel like eating during the day or as granola, that essential topping in smoothies or oatmeals. A three in one, nutritious, crunchy, irresistible, delicious and healthy!

The range has three flavors: CERELLIN Chocolate, CERELLIN caramel and CERELLIN Raspberry and had a surprising and immediate acceptance, which still makes us very proud today, for having managed to create an innovative product that would meet the needs of our customers.

In August we received the happy news and since that day we couldn't contain our enthusiasm: CERELLIN Chocolate won a star in the Great Taste 2022. It joins CACAO Granola and MATCHA Granola in a fantastic and irresistible trio of Great Taste winners.

We want to innovate and surprise but above all, we want to provide our customers with quality products: quality of the ingredients used, looking for those with certified organic production; quality in manufacturing maintaining the handmade production, which gives that special touch that distinguishes the Simplu products and nutritional quality!

The awards come and go, the years go by and we become more and more aware that we can produce what we idealized 6 years ago: healthtasty (healthy & tasty) products <3



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