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GRANOLA ChocolateMint / mint chocolate chips
  • GRANOLA ChocolateMint / mint chocolate chips

    GRANOLA CHOCOLATEMINT chocolate & mint


    » organic* » gluten free* » 100% natural » vegan


    Our ChocolateMint Granola, organic*, gluten-free*, 100% natural and vegan contains chocolate chips.


    * (product with certification)


    NOTE: product recommended for celiacs

    • GRANOLA ChocolateMint / chocolate chips and me

      How to serve: Sprinkle your smoothie bowl, your pancakes
      or try it with ice cream: it goes perfectly!
      Give wings to your creativity, trying other recipes ;)

      Try it, taste it and have a great day full of color and energy!

      We love to know your favorite combinations!
      Share with us using the hashtag#granolasimpl


      Gluten free whole-grain oat flakes*, sunflower seeds*, buckwheat*, whole-grain

      rice syrup*, almonds*, chocolate almonds* (almonds*, cocoa paste*, coconut sugar*,

      cocoa butter*), raw peruvian cacao paste and powder, hazelnuts*, cold pressed coconut

      oil*, dark chocolate 66%* (peruvian cacao mass*, coconut sugar*, cacao butter*, sunflower

      lecithin*) 2%, coconut milk*, spirulina*, vanilla bean*, mint essential oil 0.04*.

      *Organic ingredients. Certified by Certiplanet PT-BIO-04.

      Gluten free. May contain tree nuts.

      Store the bag of granola in a dry, cool place, away from light.


      Nutritional value / nutritional value: 100 g
      Energy 2050 kJ / 491 kcal
      Proteins / Protein 14.6g
      Carbohydrates / carbohydrate
         of which sugar

      46.2 g

      lipids / fat
       of which / of which:

         saturados / saturated

         monounsaturated / monounsaturated

         polyunsaturated / polyunsaturated

      25.6 g


      8.6 g

      fiber / fiber 8.7g
      salt 0.08 g

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