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CERELLIN CHOCOLATE / organic & gluten free (300 g / 900 g / 5 kg)
  • CERELLIN CHOCOLATE / organic & gluten free (300 g / 900 g / 5 kg)

    CERELLIN CHOCOLATE / organic & gluten free / hazelnut, cocoa & vanilla


    » organic* » gluten free* » 100% natural » vegan


    Our organic*, gluten-free*, 100% natural and vegan CERELLIN is a three-in-one:

    A nutritious cereal, crunchy cookie and superb granola.


    » Serve Cerellin with a vegetable drink or yougurt as a nutritious breakfast cereal .

    » Cerellin pieces are great to eat by hand just likea cookie. Accompany with a drink or take with you to snack on, during the day.

    » Add Cerellin as granola in smoothie bowls and get creative by using it as a topping in your recipes.


    * (product with certification)


    NOTE: product recommended for celiacs


      Gluten-free instant oat flakes*, buckwheat flour*, coconut sugar*, hazelnut (9%)*, raw peruvian cocoa mass (7%)*, cold-pressed coconut oil*, coconut milk*, filtered water, dark chocolate 66%* (peruvian cacao mass*, coconut sugar*, cacao butter*, sunflower lecithin*), salt blossom, Madagascar vanilla bean (0.004%)*.


      * Ingredients coming from certified organic agriculture.

      Gluten free, suitable for people with

      gluten intolerance.

      Vegan and sustainable ingredients. May contain traces of nuts (almond,

      pecan and pistachio). Store Cerellin in the bag well closed, in a dry, cool place, away from light.


      100gEnergia / Energy1992 kJ

      472 kcalLípidos / Fat

      dos quais / of which23.1 g» saturados / saturated12.5 g» monoinsaturados /

      monounsaturated8.8 g» poliinsaturados /

      polyunsaturated1.9 gHidratos de Carbono /


      dos quais / of which53.2 g» açúcares / sugar14.8 gFibra / Fibre6.8 gProteína / Proteina10.4 gSal / Salt0.14 g



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