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GRANOLA CITRIC lemon, orange & lime / organic & gluten free (300 g / 900 g / 5 kg)
  • GRANOLA CITRIC lemon, orange & lime / organic & gluten free (300 g / 900 g / 5 kg)

    Delight yourself with the special and citrus flavor of lemon and the tropical sweetness of passion fruit. Feel the crunchiness of the nuts, combined with the antiinflamatory nutrients of the turmeric.

    • GRANOLA CITRIC / lemon, orange and lime

      How to serve: Sprinkle it on your smoothie bowl, your pancakes or try it with ice cream: it goes perfectly together!


      Give free rein to your creativity by trying other recipes ;)


      Experiment, enjoy and have a great day full of color and energy!


      We love to know your favorite combinations!


      Share with us using the hashtag #granolasenses


      Gluten-free whole oat flakes*, sunflower seeds*, almond*, brown rice jelly*, buckwheat*, cold-pressed coconut oil*, orange flakes*, passion fruit, apple

      flakes*, passion fruit, apple*, turmeric*, lemon essential oil* 0.05%, orange essential oil* 0.05%, orange essential oil* 0.05%, lime essential oil* 0.02%.

      * Ingredients from organic farming. Gluten-free granola, suitable for people with gluten intolerance. Vegan and sustainably sourced ingredients.

      May contain traces of nuts (hazelnuts, pecans and pistachios).

      Store granola in a tightly closed bag in a cool, dry place away from light.


      Valor nutricional / nutritional value:100 gEnergia / Energy2093 kJ / 501 kcalProteínas /Protein14 gHidratos de Carbono / carbohydrate

      dos quais açúcares /of which sugar

      47 g
      7.7 g

      Lípidos / fat

      dos quais / of which:

      saturados / saturated

      monoinsaturados / monounsaturated

      poliinsaturados / polyunsaturated

      27 g

      6.4 g
      11.9 g
      8.5 g

      Fibra / fibre7 gSal /salt0.02 g

    8,25 €Price

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