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Happy World Children's Day

To celebrate the World Children's Day we asked dear Matilde to help us make an easy and delicious recipe: banana pancakes. We guided her and she did everything, even the most creative part, arranging the pancakes, the way she liked them best, with various fruits and our raspberry CERELLIN.

It was a really fun activity that you can replicate at home, you'll see that the little ones will love it!!!!

(for about 11 small units)


2 eggs

1 large banana (120g)

3 tablespoons of spelt flour

1 drizzle of oat vegetable drink


natural Greek light yogurt, kiwi, blueberries, raspberries and CERELLIN Raspberry

Start by smashing the banana. Place in a bowl and add the eggs. Stir until it becomes a homogeneous mass. Then add the flour and mix again. If you think it's necessary, add a dash of vegetable drink to set the texture.

Heat a non-stick frying pan and brush it with a little olive oil. When hot, start pouring small portions of batter, spaced apart, the size you want the pancakes to be. When the edges come off and air bubbles begin to appear in the batter, it's time to flip.

Repeat the process until you finish the batter. Then we get to the decorating part, and it's up to the little ones!


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