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RECIPE // Chocolate and coconut muffins

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

With our organic, freeze-dried Coconut Milk powder, we suggest a delicious recipe with a classic combination that always works perfectly!

(for 6 mini muffins)

White layer

4 tablespoons coconut milk powder

1 tablespoon rice jelly

3 tablespoons coconut oil (liquid)

Brown layer

37g coconut milk powder

60ml hot water

25g raw cocoa powder

20g coconut sugar

40g cooking chocolate 70% (chopped)

Start with the white layer. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and with the help of a spoon mix until you get a homogeneous mass. Divide a little dough among 6 silicone baking pans. Smooth them out with the help of your finger. Place in the refrigerator.

In the meantime, prepare the brown layer. In a food processor place the cooking chocolate broken into very small pieces, pour in the hot water and then the raw cocoa powder, coconut sugar and coconut milk powder. Grind until it becomes a homogeneous, cream-like mass. Divide this mixture among the 6 molds that were set aside. Place them back in the refrigerator. Bon appétit!

(original recipe by Alana Rox)



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